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Why Should You Get Your Roof Inspected And Maintained?

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It’s not easy to determine a roof’s actual condition from its looks. Roof repairs, along with a full replacement of the roof, can cost the homeowner a huge chunk of change. Roof inspections can help you prevent costly roof repairs in the future.

Prospective buyers should schedule a home inspection that also includes a roof inspection before buying a house so that they can factor in the required repairs into the cost of the home. Existing homeowners should also get routine roof inspections to maintain good condition. Your roof is constantly bombarded by elements including wind, rain, sun, and snow. Without routine roof inspections and maintenance, small problems can rapidly escalate into bigger and more expensive problems. A roofing company will have the expertise to properly inspect your roof and identify any areas that need to be repaired or replaced. Here are 7 ways getting a roof inspection can benefit you.

Common Roof Problems

Roof inspections not only detect common roofing problems but also can help homeowners prioritize improvement projects. A few of the most common roof problems are:

  • Missing shingles
  • Plants or moss growth
  • Leak or crack in the roof
  • Shingles curling or buckling
  • Shingle granules in gutters
  • Roof sagging or drooping

How Often Should You Have a Roof Inspection?

You should schedule an inspection if you suspect damage has occurred after a storm or strong winds. If you are unsure if there is present damage, inspect your home from the ground and look for broken or missing shingles, divots in the roof, or heavy debris. Call a roofing professional for a thorough inspection. Apart from potential storm damage, you should also arrange for routine roof inspections.

Why Roof Inspections Are Important

Regular roof inspections are crucial in understanding its condition and help with managing proper maintenance, which will, in return, increase its life. Here are the 7 most common reasons to get your roof inspected:

Warranty Repairs

Your roof can have leaks due to many reasons; only some of them might be covered under a roof warranty. Make sure to call a professional to perform a roof inspection and determine whether you should file a warranty claim. When a roof warranty claim is filed, the contractor or manufacturer will visit the site to determine whether leak or repair is covered under warranty. The owner should make sure to keep the warranty documents ready, and file the claim on time and maintain the possession.

Weathering and Aging

All roofs endure natural weathering and aging, and the consequences are generally evident in the form of tiny openings on the roof surface that lead to water infiltration. Regular roof inspections can help homeowners to plan maintenance on these defects in order to prevent further damage.

Routine Maintenance Damage

Roof damage can arise from technicians executing maintenance on air conditioners and other home systems. A roof inspection will easily reveal the issues and recommend repairs like sealing the mechanical access panels on roofs or cleaning up the debris on your roof.

Storm Damage

Storm damage to your roofs can arise from high winds, hail, and other weather actions that may cause water infiltration and lead to needed roof repairs. You should schedule a roof inspection immediately after such weather episodes to help find leaks and prevent further damage.

Leak Assessment

Leaks following heavy rains are the main trigger for most roof inspections. However, a leak in the roof might just be symptomatic of a serious roof problem such as rotting wood, mold, corrosion, or wet insulation that has been developing for some time. Experienced roof inspectors can conduct a full leak investigation to stop further unseen deterioration.

Stopping the Damage Before It Starts

A leaking roof is not just the first sign of a damaged roof. There could be other structural damage, alongside the leaky roof. Getting regular roof inspections is important for your house because it can help detect the problems on time and stop further damage to your house.

Roof inspectors will be able to find faults in the roof layout and suggest repairs before it may cause moisture damage to your home. Also, when you have regular roof inspections, you will learn what small repairs need to be made to ensure your roof withstands worse weather conditions.

Proper Drainage

Few features are as significant to roof performance as its drainage. A water-logged roof increases the chances of leaks and moisture penetration. Regular roof cleaning can help remove objects like leaves, trash, debris from clogging roof drains to ensure proper drainage. When it comes to your roof, out of sight often implies out of mind, which can lead to serious long-term consequences. Prioritizing regular roof inspections can prevent expensive future costs. Also, once you have a thorough roof inspection performed by a professional, you will know what’s wrong with your roof and what sort of repair project is necessary.

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