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Was your property one of over 200,000 affected by this year’s storms? Here is how we have already helped hundreds of homeowners this year and how we can help you too:

Need Help Filing a Property Insurance Claim?

Every Season, beginning as early as March, storms developing high winds and hail can compromise the integrity of a home.

Wind can break the seals of your shingles or even tear them off your roof. Hail can knock the granules off the shingles and break the matting, which can lead to major damage down the road.

Why Do you Need To File An

Insurance Claim?

Filing a Property Insurance Claim can be complicated, and is not something most of us do on a daily basis. And if certain procedures are not followed, the process can be stressful and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, storm victims often times become victims of unfair or inadequate insurance settlements. Although most insurance companies want to properly service their clients’ insurance claim, it is important to remember that the objective in the insurance industry is the bottom line; to minimize loss, while maximizing profit.

How Can We Help?

When not held accountable, local and national insurance adjusters can mistakenly overlook damage and under pay for repairs. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will act as an advocate for the homeowner and ensure that each customer gets a fair and honest settlement and that filing a property insurance claim is handled the RIGHT way.

Over the years, Liberte Construction has processed thousands of property insurance claims. During this time we have established relationships with all major insurance companies. We subscribe to uniform pricing guidelines established by the National Insurance Standards. Our reputation for reliable storm and hail damage repair stands alone.

We Can Help You!

If you believe you have damages to your home or need an experienced specialist to assist in the claims process, contact us today for a hassle free, no obligation consultation. Our representatives are in your area, and are here to offer assistance, from initial inspection to satisfactory completion of the job.

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