Multi-Family & HOA Roofing

Minneapolis Multi-Family & HOA Roofing Experts

Whether you are part of a townhome/homeowner association, apartment complex, or a property management company, we have the size, expertise, and experience to deliver outstanding roofing services throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Condominiums, townhouses, multi-home dwelling, apartment complexes, and more, Liberte Construction has serviced and installed roofing systems for nearly every type of structure.

Whether your community needs regular maintenance or a full roof replacement, our expert team is prepared and ready to tackle any job.

Our customer service and professional craftsmanship are our greatest assets and has driven more Property Management Firms and HOA Community Boards to choose us year after year.

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Liberte Construction is aware of the owner/tenant relationship of multi-unit complexes and takes pride in completing projects in a timely manner with no/minimal tenant interruption. 

Roofing for Every Multi-Family Complex Style and Size

  • Roofing Repair

    We can provide regular maintenace and repairs to any type of multi-family roofing system

  • Re-Roofing

    When other parts of your roof are in good shape, re-roofing can be a cost-effective option where we place a new layer over an existing layer

  • Roofing Replacement

    A complete roof replacement includes replacing all worn materials and underlying structures with brand-new material

HOA & Multi-Family Storm & Hail Damage Repair

Due to our experience working with large buildings such as condos, townhouses, apartment buildings, and more, we are qualified and able to help property owners with any storm or hail damage that may have incurred.

If any damage is found, we offer an Insurance Claims Assistance program where our knowledgeable and courteous staff will act as an advocate for you, the property owner, to ensure that you receive a fair and honest settlement and that filing a property insurance claim is handled the RIGHT way.

Leave The Details To Us

For us at Liberte Construction, the success of a project lies in the details. From the use of nails over staples to secure shingles to the use of a magnetic broom to get every last piece of debris, we take the time to ensure you’re left with a solid roof and a clean property, not a substandard job and a yard full of unpleasant surprises.

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