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Gutters can help reduce the risk of water damage and improve water conservation.

Seamless gutters can enhance the appearance of your home. But gutters aren’t just decorative – they have an important job to do. A properly sized and installed gutter system moves water away from your home’s exterior cladding and foundation.

Old, worn gutters are not just an eyesore. They may be directing rainwater where you don’t want it to go.

If you have partial gutters, or none at all, your home’s exterior is getting ground-level backsplash with every major rain storm. If your home has intersecting rooflines – creating a “valley” – you might be experiencing swampy areas near your foundation.

Every situation is unique, based on climate/rainfall and your particular home, roofline and plat. But no matter where you live, water can be a destructive force without proper gutters for your home.

Aside from protecting your home’s foundation, a seamless gutter system can assist with rain water capture. Properly installed gutter systems can move water directly into a rain barrel through a downspout. The collected rain water can be used for irrigation and other environmentally friendly activities.

Keep in mind that properly configured gutters will:

  • Direct rainwater to the driveway or other appropriate drainage route

  • Help keep rain and dirt from backsplashing onto the exterior cladding after it hits the ground

  • Mitigate flooding of flowerbeds and areas close to the foundation

  • Help prevent entryway waterfalls by directing the flow of rain to downspouts

  • Improve the efficiency of rain water capture

  • Help manage snow loads and help reduce icicle formation

  • Make maintenance easier with optional leaf protection

  • Enhance curb appeal – with a choice of colors and styles including aluminum gutters, copper gutters, steel gutters and more

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